Thursday, March 12, 2009

Put the World back in the Wide Web

It's great to be reminded that there's more out there than my small circle. A blog by Tom Barret, a teacher in Nottinghamshire, England, has awesome advice about applying interactive technology in the classroom. His blog, "ICT in My Classroom," often focuses on what we call Smartboards or Promethean Boards in the US--they're IWBs (interactive white boards) in the UK. "ICT" stands for Information and Communication Technology in Britain, Europe, and elsewhere, and refers to computer-based learning. This blog has a huge amount of material. Use the top menu to access the "Ed Tech Roundup" podcast (subscribe in iTunes), video tutorials, and wikis. I tried the "Creating a Befuddlr puzzle from a SMART Notebook page" project--it works great! One of the greatest resources ever for SmartBoard is the Google Presentation he designed, "Thirty-Eight Interesting Ways to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard." If you don't look at any other education sites, you have to check "38 Interesting Ways," and the presentations that followed. It's my all-time favorite education post! I come back to these "Interesting Ways" presentations again and again. Link

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