Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daily Bookmarks

"It's all about the small potatoes," says Jerry Swiatek. He's the technology specialist from a central Florida school district that shares ideas in his blog "Thoughts from a Tech Specialist." He describes his purpose: "Taking a technology that some people have never heard of nor seen and making them comfortable enough with it to make a difference in their teaching." Whether he posts a few lines about several web sites, or an in-depth page about one technology innovation for teachers, his enthusiasm and energy for his job inspires. One of my favorite posts shared "Simply Box." He showed how it works as well as presenting uses for the site in the classroom. I've subscribed to some of the blogs I found on his list on his blog, and I've gotten links from his Delicious bookmark site, "jerthebear." I get a kick out of the "Live Traffic Feed" that shows users visit his blog from various countries.

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