Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You need Social Bookmarking!

What was that URL?     AMcC
Let's say you have a bulletin board to make for "World Cultures Week" at your school. Last spring, you spotted a website that had a really great idea for it. Knowing that you'd have another "World Cultures Week" next January, you added a favorite to your browser. Alas! Last summer, your computer was fried when lightning hit your school building. Your computer was replaced, but now you don't have that favorite anymore. Was it a website called, CultureQuest? FoodineveryCountry.com? WorldCultures.org? A Tour around the World? All great sites, but where's the bulletin board idea?
You need social bookmarking, and you need it now! Bookmark sites, such as I Keep Bookmarks, Delicious and Diigo allow you to save a bookmark or favorite in your online bookmark page, not in the browser of one individual machine. You can access and add to your saved sites from your home computer, your school computer, anyone's computer as long as there's Internet access.
Good thing another teacher on your team saved it on Diigo. She shares it with you by email. It was I Love that Teaching Idea>Bulletin Board Ideas!
Open a free bookmarking account and try it out. In my next post I'll compare different bookmarking services.

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