Friday, June 26, 2009

Inukshuk on VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a fascinating tool! The user posts a photo or a slideshow of photos. Then he or she comments on the photo, with text, audio recording (called in over a phone), or video from a webcam. The creator's picture appears on the left; click on it to hear the dialogue. With VoiceThread, anyone can comment, either by text, audio or video. Each commenter is represented with a picture, right or left. Not only is this a slideshow with audio, it's a conversation--sort of like a wiki with audio and video, and it can be done from a cell phone. Some that were interesting:
  • Students in a lit circle added comments about their book.
  • A participant at an edtech conference took a photo of himself at the conference with a speaker, then invited others to add their comments on the spot.
  • After showing a video, a teacher asked her students to give their reaction to the video on a variety of stills from the film. Sharing seems to be disabled on this one.
I choose to embed the one below because it's an intriguing way to use VoiceThread. Graham Wegner of Australia asks a question to anyone in Alaska. A viewer in Canada answers. Perhaps the next time I check this VoiceThread others from around the world will have added their responses.

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